Filing Auto Insurance Claims

What to know about filing an Insurance Claim for a Car Accident

If you are in a car accident is it important to know what to do. What you do at the scene of an accident and immediately thereafter can greatly impact what you can and cannot recover from a negligent party or insurance company representing a negligent party.

Here are a couple of the most important things to do if you are involved in a car accident:

  • Immediately contact your insurer and let them know what happened and who was involved. Waiting to report the accident or waiting to seek medical attention could seriously diminish your ability to recover your damages.
  • Understand your insurance policy, what it covers, and your policy limits. If you are in a car accident, make a list of questions for your insurer before you call so you can get answers to any questions you may have.
  • Take notes during your call with your insurance adjuster. In your notes jot down who you talked and when and keep some general notes about what was discussed.
  • Any information you gathered from the scene of the accident should be shared with your insurance company including everyone who was involved contact information and the police report if you have a copy of it.
  • Read your policy and understand what coverage you have and your policy limits.
  • Be honest in all your dealings regarding your accident. Do not be tempted to lie or cover something up, those things have a way of coming back to haunt you and if caught your insurance company would void your policy.
  • Keep detailed records of all the money spent related to the accident in any way.
  • Schedule a consultation with a qualified accident attorney that can discuss your case with you and evaluate your potential claims.

While a lot of people know what they should do after a car wreck, they don’t necessarily know what they shouldn’t do, and those mistakes can cost them hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Here are just a couple of things that you should never do after being involved in a car wreck.

  • Talking to your insurer without knowing your policy limits, understanding what coverage you have, and knowing your rights.
  • Accepting repair estimates that you know are too low.
  • Letting too much time go by before seeking medical attention or filing a claim.
  • Letting an insurance company not honor the contract they made with you. They owe you a duty of good faith. You signed a contract with them and they have a legal duty to live up to it.
  • Signing a release waiver before understanding what you are legally entitled to. Never forget that insurance companies are corporations that are trying to make a profit. They want to pay out as little as possible even when they know you are legally entitled to compensation. Hiring an attorney that works solely for you is the best way to know your rights and what you are entitled to.

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