Hit and Run Penalties

Penalties for Hit and Runs

Most people are familiar with the term hit and run. It is usually used as a way to describe when one car hits another and then takes off before the police can be called. Different states treat hit and runs differently but it is generally considered a crime in most states and punishments can include heft fines and even significant jail or prison time.

Generally, if someone is involved in a minor fender bendor and there is no bodily injury the punishment is less severe. However, if someone is injured or dies then the punishment can be quite extensive. Some other punishments including receiving a suspended or revoked license.

How to Hire a Lawyer after a Hit and Run

If you or someone you know is accused of a hit and run, you need to contact a qualified attorney immediately. They will explain your applicable states laws to you and walk you through your options and potential punishments under your specific state law. Hit and run charges are serious and you need to find an experienced lawyer who will protect your rights.

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